New Service Pack 27.003 for List & Label and the Report Server

In this summary you will find the most important new features and improvements in Service Pack 27.003. The individual entries were taken directly from the English Readme. A detailed list of all changes can be found in the ServicePack.pdf in your installation as well as in the Service Pack download section.



  • Added new property “Printerless” to OCX control.


  • A new option LL_OPTION_RTF_SHARE_OBJECTS_THRESHOLD limits the number of RTF controls to be used exclusively. Once the number of RTF objects surpasses this value, shared RTF objects are used to limit the resources needed. Suggested is something between 10 and 100 (default), depending on the number of parallel threads used for printing.

Web Componnents

  • Web Report Designer: New table editor to easily create and modify tables in report containers. You can drag and drop fields to create and move them, and adjust properties without opening a dialog box. Table editing mode replaces the inline editor that was available in the design area.
  • Web Report Designer: Added a Project Wizard for labels, lists and cards/letters.
  • Web Report Designer: Backups are automatically created at a specified interval during project processing and can be restored in case of a crash.
  • Web Report Designer: Repository mode for Images.
  • Web Report Designer: Ellipse objects are now supported.
  • Web Report Viewer: Report parameters can now be specified and applied via url parameters (e.g. ?$ParameterName=Value1;Value2&$apply).
  • Web Report Viewer: Added the possibility to define custom data before initialization using customData property to Web Report Viewer component. This data will be available as ClientCustomData in OnProvideListLabel.
  • And many more new features and improvements

Report Server

  • Azure SQL Database can now be used in the backend.



  • Optimized SQL-JOIN-Statement generation when using 1:1 relations in a report.
  • Allowing #-character in table name for SQL-based dataproviders like SqlConnectionDataProvider and DbCommandSetDataProvider.
  • Added new property FirstVisiblePage to ListLabelPreviewControl. As opposed to CurrentPage, this returns the first page that is currently visible – it doesn’t have to be selected.

Data Provider

  • SchemaAwareJsonDataProvider now always uses the type from the schema even if JSON data is present.


  • If there was no message processing from the parent window while exporting, the abort dialog could show up very late, if ever.
  • If – under heavy printing load – StartDoc() fails, LL kills all known cached printer DCs and tries again. Alternatively, try to clear the cache of printer DCs (set LL_OPTION_PRINTERDCCACHE_TIMEOUT_SEC to 0).
  • Like announced in the debug log, if more than 50 RTF controls are being used, they are now created and re-used on the fly. This greatly reduces system resource usage, but is slower.
  • “StrictThreadSeparation” now defaults to “TRUE” for Windows 11, otherwise there are crashes in Windows 11 code.

Report Server

  • If the preview is closed, active printing in that session is canceled and will no longer be shown in the system load page.
  • Improved displayed error messages in the Report Server Designer.
  • Improved handling of the cancel button when there is no previous page in the history.
  • Improved displayed messages if the connection to a data provider is not possible.
  • Active export jobs page now displays a more clearer page breadcrumb navigation.
  • For report parameters with multiple selection, the option to select all values is now available.
  • Allowing #-character in table name for SQL-based dataproviders like SqlConnectionDataProvider and DbCommandSetDataProvider.


  • Debwin4 now applies a filter by severity on the fly when clicking the respective item in the filter panel.
  • Applied fixes for CVE-2022-0561, CVE-2022-0562 and CVE-2022-0908 libtiff vulnerabilities.
  • When Embarcadero Theming was used, the theming wrapper of caused crashes or wrong updates, no scrolling etc. In order to suppress LL’s wrapper, use registry entry “HKCU\software\combit\cmbtll” “Compatibility.UseThemingWrapper” [String] “F”.
  • When Embarcadero Theming was used, the theming wrapper of RTF controls did crash. In order to suppress LL’s wrapper, use registry entry “HKCU\software\combit\cmbtll” “Compatibility.UseRTFThemingWrapper” [String] “F”.
  • Formula wizard: improved startup time if there are many fields.
  • Functions added using LlDesignerProhibitFunction() are now excluded from execution too. Unless they are needed like “ProjectPath$()” for a drilldown subreport.
  • Redistribution Assistant: Removed the Web Report Designer as it should be deployed differently.
  • LS_VIEWERCONTROL_GET_PAGE: if wParam == 1, the returned value is the page index of the first (at least partially) page.

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