Customer Wishes Implemented in the Ad-hoc Designer

Since version 3 of the Report Server, you can create reports quickly and easily with the Ad-hoc Designer. Since List & Label 23, this feature is also available for .NET developers for integration into their applications. Today I would like to show briefly which customer requests we were able to implement in combit List & Label 24 and Report Server 24 in the Ad-hoc Designer.

Report Server Soon Included in Enterprise Edition

This is a major, bold new addition that will be available with List & Label 23. Currently the combit Report Server is available as a standalone out-of-the-box, self-service reporting solution. You can configure data sources, ad-hoc-design your reports, preview in your browser, export reports to a huge variety of formats or schedule email blasts. All of this in a responsive web application that works on any device. Starting with version 23, this server product will be included in the List & Label Enterprise Edition.

Lightning-fast Ad-hoc Design with Report Server 3

With combit Report Server 3, you now also have the ad-hoc Designer in addition to the design features from previous versions. Ad-hoc Design wizards enable you to create lists and diagrams (charts) quickly and easily. This combination equips the reliable and powerful Report Server with a quick and streamlined interface that is perfect for generating simple reports. The interface of the new wizards has also been optimized for devices that support touch-screen technology, which allows it to be easily operated on tablet devices as well.