Customizing the Preview’s Look & Feel

Since the introduction of our feature portal three years ago, it has become an important driver for our innovation. If you filter for "available in latest version", you'll find some fourty features we've built into the product on your request. So here comes a big "thank you" to everyone participating! Your help, effort and ideas are more than welcome anytime. Of course, we've implemented some of the top voted demands into LL24. One of them has been to enable the customization of the preview window's look and feel.

Specifically, a change of colors for the selection frames was requested. While we were at it, we made sure to add more customizations to the control. The properties for the revamped ListLabelPreviewControl look like this:

Now you can easily remove the drop shadow from pages if you’d like to have a crisp flat design. You can display page numbers in the sketch bar, a popular feature request by itself. And you can customize the selection frame’s color, style, margin and rounding. A couple of additional customization options for the thumbnail bar are also available. The result could then look like this:

This way, your reporting tool can be embedded even more seamlessly into your existing application. Thanks for the useful suggestion – delivered 🙂

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