New Service Pack 26.004 for List & Label and the Report Server

The Service Pack 26.004 has some new features and various improvements for you. We give you an overview of what’s new and what has improved.

New Features


  • DrawObjectEventArgs has a new member “ObjFinished”, possibility to force a page break e.g. in the text object.


  • Convenient possibility to set export options directly in the LL instance.
  • Support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4.2 (BDE & FireDAC).

Report Server

  • Multiple instances of the Report Server are now supported by manually adding AppPools with specific InstanceIdentifier in privateSettings.config.
  • Added OpenEdgeProgress datasource support.


  • Text selection in preview: when a crosstab is selected, LL now detects empty cells and labels and re-formats the clipboard data as far as possible to be able to use the crosstab data in further processing in a spreadsheet application.



  • If a parametrized data source uses a date parameter, this is now rendered as Date picker instead of a simple text input in the report parameter UI as long as there is no multiple choice given and the field is not backed up by a datasource field.


  • PDF: If link-property of objects are use with file:// protocol, the resulting links in the PDF document could not be clicked.
  • Export performance improvements due to more efficient debug output and progressbar handling.


  • JsonDataProvider now supports arrays whose direct parents are arrays.


  • Barcode: It makes no sense to have “Export as Picture” and “Device Optimization” active at the same time as conversion to a picture does invalidate the optimization. Now the properties disable each other when set.
  • The Drawing() function to load an image either from repository or an external file now matches against repository id and repository gui name.
  • Added option string LL_OPTIONSTR_INTELLISENSE_CONSTANTSFILTER as a means of intellisense filtering for the internal constants. Example: “-LL.Color;+” will deny all entries beginning with LL.Color and allow the rest subsequently. Default value is empty, hence there are no constants handled in Intellisense.
  • Added print option string LL_PRNOPTSTR_PRINTDLG_ALWAYSSHOWCOPIESFOR (semicolon seperated target list) to provide a means of customization for the print options dialog in terms of showing the copies section always.

Report Server

  • Progress datasource was improved for the registration of the tables.
  • Added $parameter parameter description to swagger open api specification for “Run Task” endpoint.
  • Improved SVG rendering by updating the rendering component to the latest version.


  • VCL FireDac Possibility to set and query the print option.


  • Added registry value HKCU\Software\combit\cmbtut\\DownloadFlags. This allows to add flags for the request handle returned by HttpOpenRequest, thus customizing the behavior of the downloader.
  • Improved SVG rendering by updating the rendering component to the latest version.
  • Debwin4: If the “Auto-Scroll” button is toggled and auto scroll is enabled, the current log is scrolled to the end automatically now, even if no debug message is pending currently.
  • Redistribution Assistant: Made distinction between .NET desktop and web development clearer.
  • Workaround for the Delayed-Define mode: if a customer declared variables with localized (alias) name, and the alias names did use a table name that was not defined in the declaration of the table (or maybe used multiple localized table names for variables of the same table, or both), so that the table was not directly accessible for lookup, a new option “LL_OPTION_TABLENAMETRANSLATION_NOT_DISTINCT (=374)” was added which re-translates the localized variable name to the original one to catch a straw as last resort whether there is a table with that original name.
  • New option LL_OPTION_PROJECTPARAMETER_PRINTLANGUAGE_SHOW to force the print language project parameter wven if not LCIDs are defined.

Download the new Service Pack 26.004 here.

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