Adding JSON to the Available Export Formats

List & Label has supported a number of text based export formats for quite a while. You can have XML, CSV and layout TXT export in different variants. That way, you can use List & Label as a convenient way to convert your data from one of the supported data sources to something you can use in other applications again. But one very popular format was missing so far that's been around for quite a while: Java Script Object Notation aka JSON.

Supporting JSON has been on our backlog for some versions now, with List & Label 25 we’ll finally deliver. Usage is quite straightforward – given a typical list-based report like this

json order list export format

you can now choose JSON from the export formats:

You can choose to ignore List & Label’s original page wrapping and print to an infinite page, also a new LL25 feature. Also, similar to the Excel export the JSON export can try and convert your data types to the best matching type in JSON.

The JSON result for the list above looks like this:

Note that there is only one page in the pages array due to usage of the infinite page feature. All numbers have been converted to numeric values instead of preserving the string syntax within the resuling UTF-8 encoded file.

Of course, exporting to JSON is also available from the API and in the Report Server – now go and create the next big thing :)!

Test the new JSON export format for free in our List & Label Trial.

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