Ready for Takeoff: Clarion Template for LL22

The Clarion community has been working with List & Label for many years now. Starting with the Solace templates, those were donated to the public domain in 2010. Since then, various contributors have been working on them.

Just recently, David Swindon did a great job in completing the List & Label 22 templates. You can immediately start working with the latest version by heading over to the project’s website.

Clarion templates for List & Label reporting tool in sourceforge

If you’d like to contribute too, feel free to contact me – we love to work with our communities, as demonstrated by the support for Xbase++ or our cooperations for DataFlex, Progress or Delphi. Any contributions are more than welcome.

Make sure to share your experience and ideas with us – your feedback is the most valuable source for any improvements we make.

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