Results of the List & Label Survey 2021

Thanks to all participants for taking the time to answer our questions. One thing that I can say straight away: your time was well invested. Your feedback has given us many good ideas and suggestions on how we can further improve List & Label and which new features and technologies are important to you. We do not want to withhold the results, so here are your answers from the survey.

It is not possible to show the evaluations for questions three and four, in which we asked about improvements, new features and technologies, due to the free text response format. 

Q: How satisfied are you with List & Label overall?

Rating List & Label

List & Label was awarded an average of 4.3 stars.


Q: Do you and your end users agree with the following statement?
"The usability of the List & Label Designer is intuitive."

List & Label UI

The results are positive, but also show that there is still some room for improvement. 

Q: How satisfied are you overall with the combit sales team?

Rating Sales

The combit sales team was awarded an average of 4.6 stars. A result that makes us happy!

Q: How satisfied are you overall with combit support?

Rating Support Team

The combit Support team also received a good rating with an average of 4.3. 

Q: How do you rate the List & Label Newsletter?

Rating List & Label Newsletter

We revived the List & Label newsletter last year. It is now sent out regularly every two months. With an average of 4.1 stars, it is well received by readers.

Q: Where do you go to find out more about List & Label topics?

List & Label Topics

The forum is the most popular place to get information about List & Label topics. 

Q:  If you have a technical question about List & Label where do you look for information?

Technical Solutions

The forum is also the most popular place to go when looking for solutions to technical issues. 

Q: Do you know the "My combit" page?

My combit page

Last year, we created the My combit page, from where all product information can be accessed centrally.

Q: Through which additional channel would you like to receive more information?

additional Info Channels

The majority of respondents would like to see more videos on YouTube with more information.

Q: What triggers the search for new software?

Search for new software

Outdated technology is the most common reason for looking for new software. Good to know you are always up-to-date with List & Label. 

Q: How do you search for and discover new tools?

Search for new tools

We were a bit surprised that few use dev communities to search for new tools.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in finding new software?

Challenges for finding new software

It sounds trivial, but finding the right software is by far the biggest challenge. Time and budget seem to be less of a problem. 

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who took part in this survey. The results show a very pleasing picture overall with a high level of satisfaction towards our product and services. With your ideas and suggestions from the survey, we are sure that we can continue this trend next year. 

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