Miscellaneous Treats in List & Label 26

As with every version, we have included a number of minor bells and whistles into the latest version. The most notable ones are:

1. PDF in Viewer Control

The viewer control can now display PDF files as well, albeit with a limited feature set (no form controls, designed for rather simple PDFs).

Viewer control

2. GetVar Supports AutoComplete 

GetVar now supports AutoComplete, i.e. any variables added via SetVar will be made available in a dropdown, preventing typos.

AutoComplete GetVar

3. Dynamic Print Options Dialog

The print options dialog got an overhaul, making it much easier to use. All unnecessary parts are dynamically removed, leaving a clean and uncluttered UI e.g. when exporting. This makes it much easier for the end user to navigate and understand the dialog.

This is the dialog in LL25:

Print Option Dialog LL 25

Now compare this to the new dialog in LL26:

Print Option Dialog LL 26

4. Improved Ribbon UI

The Ribbon UI now sports Office 2019 inspired icons. For compatibility, the “old” images are still available in a separate resource file. This lets your app look up-to-date.

Ribbon UI LL26

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