Easily Replacing Texts and Identifiers in the Designer

Continuing our quest for an improvement of the Designer's refactoring features, it's obvious that finding text alone is only halfway to quickly and easily refactoring your projects to accomodate them to changed field names, table names or other identifier changes. So we decided to take this project one step further and offer a powerful replace feature in LL24.

Using the example from the previous blog post, we wanted to change the name of a user variable from “@Sum1” to “@ItemSum”. The new Find feature showed three occurences of this sum variable in the project. Now, instead of hitting Ctrl+F (or choosing “Find” from the ribbon) you can also hit Ctrl+H or “Replace”:


This takes you to the all new replace dialog, an easy to navigate UI that is your single place for all refactorings:


Note the handy syntax preview that shows what will become of your formulas if you hit “Replace”. Of course, if you know what you’re doing you can always hit “Replace All”. However it’s well worth to check at least the first match to catch typos like “ItmSum” for the replacement in this sample:


And of course, the Replace dialog comes with all the glory of Regex enabled Search and Replacements. So if you really want to get fancy you can do something like


which takes all field names starting with “Item” and replaces them with fixed strings containing the former field name. This is quite useful to quickly print something without having the actual data at hand. Our support staff will love this 

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2 Comments on “Easily Replacing Texts and Identifiers in the Designer”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your thoughts. As a font face name is also a formula, you can easily search for “Arial” and replace it with “Tahoma” if you like. The same holds for all properties.


  2. Well, nearly perfect. In former times I had to open the lst file in notepad to do this work 🙂

    But I somehow hoped your find menu will reveal “find text attributes” and “replace text attributes” items also. So I can search fonts and font attributes…


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