Enhanced PDF Export

The PDF export in List & Label 21 supports Type3 fonts as embedding option. Unicode and symbol characters are stored as Glyphs in this embedding mode. This way, these fonts are supported optimally – you no longer need to download font packages for your favorite PDF viewer.

The new embedding mode also often leads to smaller PDF result files. PNG files are now directly supported and embedded into the PDF. Before, they were converted to JPEGs. The new export also supports semi-transparency, giving you much better results especially if the background color is non-white. So what looked like this in LL20:

New feature of version 21

Now looks like this in LL21:

New feature of version 21


Another new feature for PDF export is the support for combo boxes as form elements – until version 21, only edit and checkbox fields were supported.

Direct Support for ZUGFeRD

LL21 will offer a direct support to create electronic invoices that conform to the ZUGFeRD standard. Previously, this was only possible using a third party library from our partner Intarsys. This library is still supported, though, but not required anymore.

Designating a Space for Digital Signatures

In the Designer, you can now choose “PDF signature field” as button action for your button form controls.

New feature of version 21

This will render as a signature field in your resulting PDFs:

New feature of version 21

On double clicking the field, you are led through a series of dialogs (proprietary to your PDF reader application) that will allow you to sign your PDF with either a self sign or qualified certificate or even (through our existing cooperation with signature software vendors) a pinpad and signature card.

New feature of version 21

After signing your PDF, the signature will appear where you’ve put the signature field:

New feature of version 21

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