Full GS1 Barcode Application Identifier AI Support With List & Label

GS1 defines a huge range of application identifiers that can be used to encode certain information in a barcode. Besides the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), which is usually the most important part, the production date, packaging component number, count of items and many more application identifiers (AIs) are defined.

The specification for the human readable interpretation (HRI) expects these AIs to be enclosed in brackets, i.e. (01)12345678901234 for a GTIN of 12345678901234. While this case is easy to handle, there are AIs with a variable data length where a stop character (FNC1) is used to separate them from the next AI. Others have a variable identifier length where one of the digits defines the measurement unit. Without going too deep into the details – this is complex stuff.

A new designer function handles the burden of correctly formatting the HRI for you – you just pass the contents of the barcode and get the HRI with brackets where appropriate.

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