Introducing Long Term Support (Enterprise Edition)

We have a release cycle of approximately one year per major version  – actually it's quite accurately so, we have released the past 10 versions late in October. Coincidentially, this happens to be around my birthday, but that's a different story. It's always a nice present anyway.

For many of you, this is way too fast. We’ve been monitoring this question closely in our yearly customer survey for the past few years now. While most of you seem to be happy with the current cycle, some would rather see slower releases. The biggest problem for those seems to be the felt lack of support for older versions. While we still do support even LL1, it is true we don’t usually release patches for versions much older than a year. The adoption rate of a new version is quite steep and often times you can workaround glitches in your own code as well. But it obviously just doesn’t feel like the perfect customer service we’re aiming to offer. So we had to find a way to make both groups happy, the ones who are just contempt with the current cycle and those who’d like us to support older versions with patches.

Enter the new Long Term Support (LTS) that comes with the Enterprise Edition starting with LL22. We’ll support every other version (i.e. 22, 24, 26 and so on) for a duration of approximately two years until the next LTS version is released. So as long as you have a running subscription we’ll accept bug reports against these versions and release fixes on a regular base. We hope this helps :).

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