combit’s Visual Studio Love Story

Today marks the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. We're also celebrating 15 years of .NET and 20 years of Visual Studio. It's been a long way! Actually, I had the honor to attend the VS Live in San Francisco when .NET was released.

It was Valentine’s Day 2002 and Mr. Bill Gates himself walked us through the keynote. I re­mem­ber well, when he finally presented “the box”, the first Visual Studio .NET. It was decorated with a fluffy red heart and he said his wife wasn’t too impressed by his Valentine’s gift. 🙂

Ever since that day (and actually, before) we were eager to offer the best possible support for Visual Studio with List & Label. We went through the whole beta cycle of every VS version to make sure LL fully supports it from the first day once it’s released. And of course, List & Label is built with Visual Studio, too.

So we’ve got actually two announcements to make – the latest master of List & Label fully supports Visual Studio 2017, and we’ll be switching the compiler for List & Label 23 to VS2017 within a couple of days. For you, this means you’re able to move to VS2017 whenever you’re ready and LL23 will use the most sophisticated compiler that’s available from Microsoft. Stay tuned for the first feature posts, we’ve already made great progress.

Make sure to join the party today at 5 pm CET (8 am PST) when Scott Hanselman, Brian Harry and others will kick off the official Launch Event.


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