Service Pack 25.004 for List & Label and the Report Server

This blog article covers all the new features and improvements in Service Pack 25.004. Each entry was taken directly from the English Readme.

New Features


  • PDF: Supporting ZUGFeRD Version 2.1 with new profile XRECHNUNG.


  • Added option “ECI” for setting the Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI) in QRCodes globally with ::LlxSetParameter().



  • Printers that were defined using a formula were not editable in the print dialog. Now – if they are encapsulated in a “ChangeType(<formula>, “const”) wrapper, they are editable again.
  • We did change the DEVMODE structure according to the Microsoft documentation, but that caused problems for some label printers. Not the default is the old habit of keeping the paper size member even if it is not needed due to the paper size given (contrary to the documentation).  


  • The RTF editor always does change the keyboard layout according to the current selection. This can now be switched off using LL_OPTION_RTFEDITOR_SUPPRESS_KEYBOARDAUTOSWITCH to 1.
  • When changing paper dimensions of a user defined format in the designer, the new paper dimensions are updated immediately in the region definition property list by clearing the internal paper cache of the device.
  • Added the support for \n escape sequences in a date-time formatter to provide unrotated multiline axis texts in a chart.


  • Improved memory usage of XLS, DOCX and PPTX export.


  • When trying to send mail and the MX proxy server was not available at a subsequent time (unknown why), a restart of the proxy is attempted.

Html5 Viewer

  • Report parameters of type date no longer display a NULL-value checkbox, because an empty input field is also interpreted as NULL.

Report Server

  • Improved memory usage of XLS, DOCX and PPTX export.


  • If DEBWIN4 is running, LL issues a lot of debug information once at startup. In an RDP session, getting a list of printers and their properties, papers and bins is a long task, so the printer list is now issued in RDP only if “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\combit” has a string “SYSINFO.ForcePrinterEnum” of “T”.

Download the new Service Pack 25.004 here.

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