Service Pack 25.001 for List & Label and Report Server

The Service Pack introduces new features, various improvements and corrections. The following is an overview of the features and improvements in the Service Pack.

New Features


  • Upgraded .NET Core 3 builds to use the .NET Core 3.1 LTS framework.
  • New EventArgs members “TableName” and “RecordLimit” in TranslateFilterSyntax and ExecuteDbCommand Event.
  • Postgres views are supported again.


  • Added AccessDataProvider class to OleDbConnectionDataProvider package for .NET Core 3.1. Reference the package for access to this class and the underlying data source.


  • Support for RAD Studio 10.3.3 (BDE & FireDAC).

Report Server

  • Now officially supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2019. 
  • ClientApi & ClientApiTester: RunTask supports report parameters now.



  • Updated Debwin4 to .NET Framework 4.7.
  • Redistribution Assistant: Added a note regarding redistribution of modules with a trial version.


  • While “LL.CurrentContainerItem” was supported in project layout conditions, “LL.CurrentContainer” was not. Now you can use this in these cases.


  • Added support for individual script timeout to the scripting functions Script$, ScriptVal, ScriptDate and ScriptBool.
  • Added button to launch formula editor when defining fixed color values in a chart.
  • Signal areas now also work by index for non-numeric values. Additionally, extend the area to whole bar/group/non-numeric range.
  • VarTree now only saves expanded state for nodes with less than 1000 children.
  • Some TreeControl performance optimization.

Ad-hoc Designer

  • Text style of color schema button.


  • Previously, when exporting with the design option “Fit” set to “Wrap” and the sub-option “Force Wrap” set to “Yes”, spacing was automatically inserted in texts to force the wrap. This can now be deactivated with the option ‘LL_OPTION_COMPAT_ENABLE_FORCEWRAP_ON_EXPORT’ = 0. NB: for LL26, the default for this option will be changed to “0”.
  • If symbol fonts for texts are used for exporting, they could be displayed wrong e.g. if simple text-based exporters are used or if you select and copy (clipboard) the correct displayed text from extended exporters like PDF and paste it into other applications. They are only valid and ok, if also the original symbol font in the target application was applied to the text. Otherwise you only see misleading characters. To avoid displaying text with symbol fonts wrong, you can set the option LL_OPTION_SUPPRESS_SYMBOLFONTMAPPING. Overrides registry value (LL24) if set.

Report Server

  • REST API & ClientApi: make task parameters available from REST API “/api/v1/tasks/{taskId}/parameters”.

As a registered customer, you can view an overview of the corrections in the Support & Training section of the respective Service Pack. 

: If you subscribe to the RSS feed, which is available on the download page of your account, you can always be automatically informed about new versions.

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