New and Extended Designer Objects

In version 20 you see the debut of a brand new Designer object: the checkbox. This object is used to indicate if a boolean value (a condition) is met or not. Think of visualizing the availability of a product, the selected menu in a hotel etc. And the OLE object just got a major overhaul.

While there have been many workarounds to graphically visualize boolean values on your own they always included using more or less complex formulas, shipping image files or making sure that certain fonts are installed and available on the target machine. The new checkbox support “out of the box” offers a simple interface and thorough customization possibilities. Besides a wide range of existing visualizations which are all vectorized, easily scaleable and customizable, you can also choose custom image files for your values. The object is available both as standalone object and as table field content.


The OLE object has been largely unchanged since it’s introduction about a decade ago. One of the ever recurring customer requests has been the ability to parametrize its contents via a formula in order to display a different document depending on the data. The second most frequent request was to offer a 64 bit flavored OLE object. List & Label 20 now offers both enhancements.

There are now three different content modes for the OLE object:


  • File name is a link to a file that needs to be present at print time
  • Embedded refers to an object that will be embedded in the project. This can be useful e.g. for simple drawings or rather static objects
  • Formula allows to dynamically pass the file name to be used by the OLE object

 All these features are available for the new x64 version of the object as well.

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