Major Updates to Included Projects and the Objects Window

Including other projects is a very nice way to reuse objects and ensure a stringent corporate design. I've blogged about this possibility just recently. However, if you heavily use this feature, your object list can quickly become cluttered with lots of objects from includes. You cannot select them, you cannot change their properties – the only useful thing is their context menu which brings you quickly to the included project. This led to a request in our feedback portal to be able to hide these included objects. And yes, List & Label 21 will enable you to do just that.

This feature will become even more important as we’ll also deliver a second request we’ve received via the feedback portal: the possibility to work with nested includes. With LL21, you can build up hierarchies, like a “letter” include that contains of a “Letter Header” and “Letter Footer” include in turn. 

If your project’s object list looked like this before:

New feature of report generator

You can now click on the toolbar button to the very right:

New feature of reporting tool

Which gives you a nice and clean object list:

Feature of report generator version 21

This greatly improves the usability of complex designs with a multitude of included objects. On a side node, LL21 will also feature an auto-scroll behavior for dragging and dropping objects in the object tree, i.e. the tree is scrolled in the drag direction in order to e.g. move an object from the very end to the beginning of the object list. See this animation as a demo:


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