Automatic Fill-Up for Crosstabs

To continue the quest for the perfect crosstab, welcome to part three of this blog post series. After visiting multiple result cells and cross-column references, today let's look at another cool new feature in the LL22 crosstab – Auto-Fill. This comes in handy whenever there is few data. Think of a yearly statistic where you don't have results for each quarter. Printing something like Q1…Q2…Q4 looks awkward and unprofessional. In LL22 we have the solution to this.
Using the new Automatic Fill-Up property is very easy. Let’s extend the crosstab from the last post in this manner. While it’s not the worst case with one quarter missing in-between, it’s still a good use case for the new feature – we don’t really want the crosstab to start in Q3/2015 (where Northwind Traders obviously started to get into business) but want to have columns for Q1 and Q2 as well. This makes it much easier to visually compare the years 2015 and 2016. The way the crosstab looks by default, this comparison would be hard to do:

New feature of version 22

So we simply select the header for the quarter in the crosstab and set it’s Automatic Fill-Up property as required:

New feature of version 22

The resulting crosstab then looks like this:

New feature of version 22

Which allows for easy comparison:

New feature of version 21

This feature can easily be used to fill up missing months, years, days etc. as well. This adds even more flexibility to the crosstab in LL22 – it’s almost perfect now ;).

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