Top-N and “Others” for Crosstabs

And while we're at it, let's disclose the last new feature for LL22's crosstab. You were able to design Top-N reports with the crosstab before. The way it works, you choose the required sorting for your group cells, e.g. the category name in the sample of the last post. You're then able to choose the sort order for the items (alphabetically, based on the result value, based on the displayed value).
As you can now have multiple result cells, the property had to be extended to let you choose which result cell index to use for the sorting:

New feature of version 22

As usual, I’ve set the “Limit To” property to the number of required items (e.g. “3” for a Top-3 report). While this was possible before already, you could never get an idea of the overall result for the other categories (i.e. all categories not in the Top 3). Enter the new “Summarize Other Entries” property. This gives you an idea of the true relevance of your top 3. You can tell if you really have your superstars identified or if we’re talking of a more or less evenly distributed revenue share across all categories. The result is sorted as required by the “Revenue” column, listing the top 3 Categories in detail and summarizing all the others:

New feature of version 22

As before, the dark blue total is the same as the year-total in this shot as we only have added data from 2015 and want to be prepared for more. But of course you can also tell List & Label to suppress the sub-summary which would give you this compact result:

New feature of version 22

This finishes the “what’s new for the crosstab in LL22” blog post series. But of course that’s not all LL22 will have to offer. Stay tuned for much more to come.

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