What’s New for .NET in List & Label 28?

List & Label 28 provides some new features and improvements for .NET developers. Most important, we’re now supporting the just released .NET 7. Performancewise, the optimized use of byte arrays for images makes a noticeable difference. And there’s also news regarding the support of new data sources. Here’s a list of the new features.

support for .NET 7, MariaDB and Cosmos DB
  • Repositories now support a folder hierarchy. This will be automatically supported without any changes to existing repository implementations. If you want to opt-out of this feature, you can apply the NoHierarchyAttribute to your repository class. The RepositoryImportUtil class has a new method CreateFolder and supports to pass on an optional folderId to the import methods.
  • The handling of image byte arrays in data sources is vastly improved. List & Label now checks if it is one of the widely supported image types, and doesn’t convert those to Bitmap anymore. This results in a much better performance, smaller preview files and a deeper support for image format features (e.g. transparency for PNGs).
  • New data provider for Azure Cosmos DB
  • New data provider for MariaDB
  • The user defined design scheme can now be modified via DOM

If you want to check all the new features and improvements in List & Label 28, just have a look right here on the combit website.

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