New Service Pack 26.009 for List & Label and the Report Server

In this summary you will find the most important new features and improvements in Service Pack 26.009. A detailed list of all changes can be found in the ServicePack.pdf in your installation as well as in the Service Pack download section.

service pack 26.009 list & label



  • PDF: Using ZUGFeRD with profile XRECHNUNG the XMP meta information of the resultig PDF document uses now the original version informationen from the given XML file for the XML meta information “fx:version” instead of the given ZUGFeRD version.


  • A new option LL_OPTION_RTF_SHARE_OBJECTS_THRESHOLD limits the number of RTF controls to be used exclusively. Once the number of RTF objects surpasses this value, shared RTF objects are used to limit the resources needed. Suggested is something between 10 and 100 (default), depending on the number of parallel threads used for printing.


  • Added support for Windows 10 22H2 and Windows 11 22H2.
  • Added APIs CtlWindowPositionSave() and CtlWindowPositionRestore() to allow better Multimonitor experience of dialogs, which are now repositioned relative to the parent, which is much better in  environments.with changing monitor configurations.
  • Dialogs, the designer window and the preview window do now save/restore the window position relative to their parent window’s position. Some windows might lose the size/position information once due to this update.
  • BRWS can enable/disable filter cells (BR_FILTERCELL_SET_ENABLED), cRM only.



  • Added “/” to the allowed characters in SQL data source table names.
  • Streamlined an unnecessary call to LlPreviewDisplay if IncrementalPreview is true.


  • PDF: If a ZUGFeRD XML file was specified but the given options in “PDF.ZUGFeRDVersion” and “PDF.ZUGFeRDConformanceLevel” does not match it, this hint is now also in debug output.
  • The XHTML export now uses the overflow-wrap: break-word style if “Force Wrap” is activated for a text. This yields a better result than the word-break: break-all used before.
  • PDF: If link-property of objects are used with mailto-protocol, the resulting links in the PDF document was not executed as expected.


  • In case of a certain barocde printer, cancelling the printer’s option dialog seems to have left a message loop before the PrintDlg() API returned, allowing exiting of the parent dialog before the PrintDlg() call ended, causing an access violation in List & Label.
  • If the condition for a report area did contain DrawingHeightSCM or DrawingWidthSCM, the calculation did not work (both functions retuning 0). This is not unexpected since at that time, the device is not yet known (!) and the dimensions were not calculable in every case. Now a value is returned if the argument is a file (not a handle or such) and can be compared with the other directional function (i.e. cx > cy or such comparisons work) – if the file contains a DPI option, the returned value is SCM, otherwise the pixels.


  • Added mail option Export.Mail.PreventPlainTexteditForHTML and the application specific registry entry Mail.PreventPlainTexteditForHTML to optionally prevent a plain textfield from being modified in internal editor if a html body is already present.


  • Internetmarke: Update of the price list of Deutsche Post since 01.01.2022.


  • Applied fixes for CVE-2022-0561 and CVE-2022-0562 libtiff vulnerabilities.
  • For servers that require OAuth2 authentication for sending a SMTP mail (GMail, Exchange Online), the token for the user (who must the right to send a mail, and if the sender address of the mail will be different, the scope to send on behalf of a different account) must be passed to LL as “Export.Mail.SMTP.OAUTH2.BearerToken” and pass the corresponding email address in “Export.Mail.SMTP.ServerUser”.
  • New option LL_OPTION_COMPAT_ENABLE_EMF_OPTIMIZATION_IN_PDF_OBJECT: when a PDF object is rendered internally, the render source is post-processed if this option is TRUE, resulting in smaller memory footprint.
  • Formula wizard: improved startup time if there are many fields.

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