Intelligent Franking with Internetmarke

The process of getting snail mail ready for posting can be rather tiresome. You print your letters or invoices, enjoying the fine work you have done designing them in List & Label, and then? Even in our modern times you lick the stamp, assuming you have the right one at hand, and stick it on the envelope. How very old-school is that? With the upcoming version 22 of List & Label this process can be elegantly automated through Internetmarke, a service to pay for postage online by German courier company Deutsche Post AG.

Providing that you have a valid postage account with Deutsche Post AG, with List & Label 22 you can equip your letters with a valid franking within the List & Label Report Designer. After printing they can be dropped off directly into the mailbox. No more searching for appropriate stamps or glue on your tongue!

Integrating the franking service Internetmarke is quite straightforward: If you build your application with the Microsoft .NET Framework and use List & Label as reporting component, you can now reference an additional combit .NET assembly to use the franking service Internetmarke directly in the List & Label Designer. In your .NET code, simply create an instance of the ‘EPortoObject’ designer object using your credentials for the integration of the web service Internetmarke from Deutsche Post AG and assign it to List & Label:

using combit.ListLabel22.Internetmarke;

using (ListLabel LL = new ListLabel())
// Set license key for List & Label
LL.LicensingInfo = "<insert your personal List & Label license key here>";

// Assign data source to List & Label
LL.DataSource = new ObjectDataProvider(GenericList.GetGenericList());
LL.DataMember = "Customer";
LL.AutoMasterMode = LlAutoMasterMode.AsVariables;

// Create and add the designer object for using Internetmarke in List & Label
using (EPortoObject internetMarkeObj = new EPortoObject(
// Add the created designer object for using Internetmarke in List & Label

// Start the List & Label designer

At runtime in the List & Label Designer you can then easily place a franking like any other object into your report together with the desired address data. A valid franking will be created while printing, so that the printed letter can be dropped off in the mailbox directly afterwards.

Further details about integrating Internetmarke can be found on our German Website.

To our international readers: If the postal service in your country provides a service similar to Internetmarke and you would like to access it with List & Label, please let us know and we’ll check out what we can do for you.

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