Supporting Multi-Page, Poster or Scaled Print

This is a feature many, yet not all printer drivers offer out-of-the-box. As we kept seeing requests to support this directly – here we go. List & Label 26 enables a thorough support for multi-page printing. 

This can be either multiple pages on one sheet (classical multipage printing) or multiple sheets per page (poster printing). You can also scale your printouts. This print mode is available for direct printing and printing from the preview.

multi page and poster print

In order to keep the print options dialog (one of the most important dialogs in List & Label) slick and easy to navigate, we also decided to revisit its Design and offer dynamic regions that are automatically shown or hidden based on the settings. So the “normal” dialog mostly looks just like it used to:


However, when changing from “Preview” to “Printer”, you get an additional checkbox near the bottom of the dialog:


Once enabled, you can then select all options for this new feature.  For multi page printing, you can e.g. select the number of pages in horizontal and vertical direction. You can set the margin width between the pages and choose to draw a page frame around the single pages. If the layout changes between portrait and landscape you can even auto-rotate the pages in order to better fit them into the available space.

Multi Page Print

For the poster print, you can choose the scaling and an overlap which makes it easier to stick pages together afterwards.

Poster Print

The scaled print let’s you print page miniatures, freely positioned on the page:

Scaled Print

Besides input on this feature it would be great to hear what you think of such dynamic dialogs – something I have seldomly seen before in other products. For me, it’s a cool way to hide complexity while still offering all the required features to the power user.

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