Miscellaneous Treats in List & Label 25

As with every new version, we have updated List & Label in a lot of different places to make it smoother to use, more modern and accessible. So to continue with this tradition, here are some treats in List & Label 25 you might have overlooked so far.

Searchable Sum and User Variable Dialogs
You can use user variables for a wide range of purposes, e.g. central storage for formulas, styling information or additional data that is required at different places. We’ve seen projects using several hundered user variables here, which makes navigating the dialog to edit a specific variable a tedious task then:

Searchable Sum and User Variable

In LL25, the sum and user variable dialogs are now searchable – a request from “Idea Place“. To quickly find the color for the paragraph in the above sample simply type a substring of your search term into the “Search Variables” box:

user variables filter

Support for New Image Codecs
High Efficiency File Format (HEIF) and WebP images are now supported on Windows 10 if the required codecs are available. For HEIF, these are available from the store, for WebP they come with the latest Windows update.

High Efficiency File Format (HEIF) and WebP

Quickly Toggle Sorting
The sort order dialog supports to toggle the sorting direction via toolbar or double click – another feature from Idea Place.

toggle sorting direction

Miscellaneous Chart Features

  • The range for the x axis of charts can now be set explicitly if required
  • The x axis now also supports a logarithmic scale for numeric ranges
  • Gantt chart now provides a minimum cell width property for columns in table area to better support aligned layouts

UI Changes
The Designer has gotten a subtle visual overhaul – new tree view icons, new color scheme for formula assistant, HDPI aware cursors.

What Else?

  • Printing performance has been improved again, especially for Dashboard style reports
  • Preview performance has been vastly improved, especially for files containing many (>1000) pages
  • A new event for .NET allows to pre-process most texts that are rendered by the print engine. That way, you can add translations or hyphenation. Also works in RTF controls
  • The project wizard is now also available for x64 applications
  • LTrim$, RTrim$ and ATrim$ now have an optional second parameter that allows to specify the character/string to remove at the beginning and/or end of the string

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