Miscellaneous Treats in List & Label 28

As with any release, there are way too many new features in version 28 to cover them all in separate blog posts. So here’s a quick summary of some rather hidden gems that still deserve some attention.

  • Searching in the preview now automatically wraps around at the end of the document.
  • Word export supports passing meta information (author, subject, title, keywords).
  • The object list window now supports multiselection for report container items.
  • New barcode type: EPC.
  • New Designer function: UTF8Encode$.
  • PDF export now supports two new options for encrypted PDF files to enable form and signature field filling and annotation.
  • Child report parameters are now filled much faster on the fly.
  • The object list window can now be filtered to quickly find specific objects.
  • All filterable windows now allow you to easily reset the filter via a new button in the filter edit box.

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