Adding Page Breaks at Arbitrary Positions

List & Label already has a wide range of functionality to control the page flow as needed. Each object has a “Pagebreak Before” property, just like the elements in a report container. Tables have an additional page break condition that is evaluated for each line. However, one feature was missing: forcing a page break within a text. This was changed in version 28.

The simple solution is a new designer function: PageBreak$(). For a simple example, take the following content for a text object:

“This is a long paragraph that should be broken”+PageBreak$()+”to be continued on the next page”

Make sure you enable page break for objects using this feature. In the Designer, you’ll spot immediately where the break will occur:

and at print time you’ll get the desired result:

This feature works in text and formatted text objects, as well as in text and formatted text table fields, eliminating annoying workarounds like trigger page breaks in RTF text.

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