New Designer Features and Flexible Sorting

Today, I’d like to outline a few more minor new features of LL22 before they get lost in the upcoming blog posts on LL23. There are still plenty of nifty things in LL22 to discover that I haven’t blogged about yet.

  • One very frequent request was the ability to not just set a fixed sort order in the Designer but rather be able to determine the actual sorting during the print out via formula. Your wish is command – the Sort Order property now can be set to any expression returning the name of an existing sort order.
  • IBAN$ separates international bank account numbers into blocks according to ISO 13616. The number is saved without separating characters and then displayed with the defined separation settings to ensure better legibility.
  • GetIniString$() reads values from .ini files, which e.g. contain settings for your application. This allows conditions/formulas to also be dependent on these entries.
  • GetRegistryString$() reads values from the registry and makes them available for conditions as well.
  • Div allows an alternative value to be defined which will be output when there is a division by 0.

This concludes the series of blog posts on LL22 features — future posts will concentrate entirely on the upcoming new version. All of us here at combit hope that you are satisfied with LL22 :). We look forward to receiving your comments

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