New Web Report Designer and Web Report Viewer Features in List & Label 29

List & Label’s most recent version 29 is coming along with quite a fe exciting news for the Web Report Designer and the Web Report Viewer. These updates provide improved functionalities and enhanced usability to developers and end users alike.

Web Report Designer

The Web Report Designer allows users to create report templates directly in the browser, without the need to install additional software. This browser-based solution is particularly flexible and supports all major JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue. Cross-platform compatibility allows users to work on Windows, iOS, Android or Linux.

New Chart Types and Advanced Export Options

List & Label 29 brings exciting innovations to the Web Report Designer. One major enhancement are the new chart types, including bar, line and area charts, providing developers and end users with more flexibility and creativity in data visualization.

Beside the the new chart types, version 29 is characterized by significantly expanded export options. Users can now choose from more than 20 different formats, including PDF, and pick from new options such as PDF version, image quality and endless Excel pages. These improvements allow users to tailor their exported report styles exactly to their needs.

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In addition, the Web Report Designer now supports offline use. All externally required libraries for the Web Report Designer have been integrated, allowing it to be used in intranet applications without Internet access.

Web Report Viewer

The Web Report Viewer is equipped with advanced features, such as filtering by report parameters, expandable regions to show or hide tables as needed, and drill-down functionalities, allowing users to navigate through hierarchically arranged data and retrieve detailed information as desired.

New Advanced Viewing Options and Usability

The new feature in the Web Report Viewer allows displaying multiple pages at a time in a smaller format. This grants users a significantly improved overview of their data.

All in all, these updates to List & Label 29’s Web Report Designer and Viewer, once again consolidate its role as a powerful, sophisticated tool for modern report creation and visualization for both developers and end users alike.

Check out the Web Report Designer and the Web Report Viewer in our Online Demo.

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