New Features for the Web Report Designer in List & Label 28

The Web Report Designer is a central element if you’re using List & Label in web applications. We’re constantly improving and adding to it, and with the release of version 28, we’ve added many new objects and functions again. Here’s a quick overview of the new features.

New Designer Objects

The following Designer objects are now supported since version 28 – both as standalone objects and also in tables:

  • Gauges, visualizing data as speedometers, thermometers, etc.
  • Data graphics, visualizing data as pictograms
  • Checkboxes, displaying true/false values
  • PDFs to use as background for forms, or more complex document parts that are available as PDF files

Pie Charts

Finally, pie charts can be created directly in the Web Report Designer, and being used as standalone objects as well as in tables. In order to achieve this, a completely new editing mode has been integrated into the Web Report Designer. This editing mode can be opened directly in the workspace, just using a separate button.

pie charts in web report designer

Other chart types are already in the making, and will be gradually integrated. Our goal is to transform the Web Report Designer into a fully-fledged, browser-based replacement for the previous Windows app-based Web Designer.


Provide the content of your repository with more structure and clarity. Folder structures are automatically supported now, without doing changes to existing implementations. Project files, but also additional files such as images, etc., can now be created and managed right within folder structures.

more structured repository

Table Editor

Create and move fields easily with drag & drop. Also, adjusting their properties got a lot easier and more convenient with the new table editor.  Currently available are text fields, images, barcodes, checkboxes and PDF files. You can also insert data graphics, gauges, and charts really quick and easy.

Create and move fields with drag & drop

Export Right from the Designer

Create your reports in the Designer and export right from there to check your layout on different output media.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback about the Web Report Designer! Which features are the most important ones for you? What’s still missing? How do you like the implementation in your current applications? What frontend-Frameworks are you using with the Web Report Designer? Let us know, we very much appreciate your input and are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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