Supporting to Paste Formattings Between Objects

From the perspective of an Office User, this was one of the major missing features in List & Label so far. In Microsoft Excel, for example, you often find yourself styling cells to resemble a headline. The workflow here is to just style one cell and then use the format painter tool for the other cells. This saves a remarkable amount of time. In List & Label, you could have used a multi selection of fields, however if you forgot (or – behold – didn't know) this feature, you'd find yourself repeating the same formatting steps again and again. And if you wanted to transfer the format of a whole object – e.g. a chart with all the fonts, colors, background settings etc. – there was no workaround to a huge lot of work. Enter the format painter tool…

As an example, take the following two charts:

While both may have their right to exist, the upper one has been styled to match our corporate design guidelines while the other one hasn’t. Before, you would have to edit the design scheme, the bachground, the legend position etc. to match the designs. Now, it’s just three clicks:

Select the first chart in the report container (BTW, note the selection bar to the left of the container, an often overlooked feature).

Click the format painter tool

Click on the second chart to apply the format

This is it – the chart is fully styled according to the CI and ready to print in all its glory:

This feature works for a wide number of objects, from simple rectangles and ellipses to texts, table fields, cross tabs and charts. A real timesaver and one of the new features of version 20.

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