Fixed Headers for the XHTML Export

Further improving our export formats is one of the focus areas for List & Label 28. Introducing fixed headers for the XHTML export fits nicely into this strategy. This feature, also known as frozen headers, has been requested by some of your peers.

It’s a great way to keep long detail sections clear and readable. In short, you fix the table header to the top of the HTML document, so that it stays visible even when you’re scrolling through the details. It’s most useful in combination with the option to create endless pages, where the content floats all the way through a single HTML page.

To activate this new option, simply check it in the options dialog for the XHTML exporter:

Or use the code option XHTML.FixedHeader to set it via code. Initially, you won’t see any changes – everything is just fine:

However, when you scroll down the list, the header stays on top as soon as it reaches the top of the window:

This makes it much easier for your end users to navigate through long, detailed data without losing the overview. It also works well with subtables, as the header of the currently visible table always sticks to the top. And, of course, you can also use this option in our Web Report Viewer control.

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