Combining the Report Structure and Object Tool Windows

The two tool windows you'll probably use the most in the report designer of our List & Label reporting tool are the "Objects" window and the "Report Structure" window. The "Objects" window enables you to quickly select an object in order to change its properties and contents. The "Report Structure" window is used to configure the specific contents of a report container object, i.e. tables and subtables, charts, crosstabs and Gantt charts.

Often you’ll find yourself changing back and forth between the two – a time-consuming and sometimes cumbersome task. Although you can freely undock and redock the tool windows in the Designer (did you know?) you still have two windows that basically tell one story – the story of your report.

In version 20, we’ll make these windows much easier to work with and much more powerful.

The “Objects” and “Report Structure” windows are unified in one new “Objects” tool window. This greatly simplifies working with complex projects as you don’t have to switch between the two windows anymore at all. The whole project is available at a single glance.

On a side note, this increases the usability of the former “Objects” window as the new window now features a toolbar for clipboard operations and changing the order in which objects are printed.

This feature is also needed to lay the foundation for a much bigger feature I’m going to talk about in the next feature focus.

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