Service Pack 28.001 for List & Label and the Report Server

This is a summary of the major new features and improvements in Service Pack 28.001, including new export features and bar charts for the Web Report Designer. For a detailed list of all changes, see the ServicePack.pdf in your installation or in the Service Pack download section.

Service Pack 28.001 List & Label


Web Components

  • Web Report Designer: Support for export options.
  • Web Report Designer: Alpha Feature: Bar Charts are now supported.


  • Visual Studio Integration: The Reporting Wizard and the Package can now also be called within a C# WPF application.
  • The ExportConfiguration class now has a new member AdditionalPrintModeFlags that allows to pass additional flags from the LlPrintMode enumeration to the export job.


  • VCL FireDac component now supports 64bit C++ Builder applications.


  • When the new flag LL_PRINT_OPTIMIZE_PRINTERS_IN_PRV_PRINT is be passed in the print options to LlPrint[WithBox]Start(), the print dialog in the preview tries to reduce the number of printers displayed by reducing to ones with non-identical properties.


  • PDF: New option value “0” for export option “PDF.ZUGFeRDVersion” available which tries to read the matching ZUGFeRD version and its ConformanceLevel within the ZUGFeRD/XRechnung XML file (given by export option “PDF.ZUGFeRDXmlPath”).
  • Added new export option DOCX.LineSpacingPercentage. This allows to scale the otherwise fixed distance between lines, as some fonts encounter a clipping of their decenders. A setting of 110 allows to print an unclipped Segoe UI font for example. As we cannot change the export result generally for compatibility reasons, you need to check if you require an adaption here.

Report Server

  • SharePoint Online task action.
  • Added Support to PostgreSQL 15.
  • Added Support to Microsoft SQL Server 2022.
  • Added new option to Excel export template. Converting texts starting with “=” into Excel formula.


  • New API LlExprParseEx() to be able to define a certain expected formula parsing logic (for cRM).
  • Font property: to define the fonts to display in the font face name property, the LL_OPTION_SCALABLEFONTSONLY option has been extended. Passing “2” causes only fonts to be used that declare themselves as TRUETYPE (even if it’s a “downloadable truetype font of a printer, as Windows does not give that information). Values 0 and non-0 work as before.
  • LS_VIEWERCONTROL_SET_FILENAME can now handle PDF files (converting them to a preview file when passed).


Web Components

  • Web Report Viewer: The setter of WebReportViewerSessionOptions.ReportParameterDateFormatCulture will now thow an ArgumentNullException or CultureNotFoundException if no value was supplied or the set culture is invalid.


  • Changed the visibility of the member setters of ReportParameterWithData to “protected internal” in order to make them settable from derived classes.
  • Updated Newtonsoft.JSON dependencies to 13.0.2 for all assemblies referencing this package. This fixes a bug in the mitigation of a security issue (see
  • “date”, “time” and “date-time” types in SchemaAwareJsonDataProvider will now always be registered as a date even if the actual json data cannot be parsed as a date.
  • For the types “date”, “time” and “date-time” in SchemaAwareJsonDataProvider the actual json data will be more generously tried to convert to a date without being limited to ISO-8601. If the value cannot be converted, the field value will be registered as NULL.
  • Added “/” to the allowed characters in SQL data source table names.
  • Progress OpenEdge DataProvider: Updated outdated System.Drawing.Common Assembly for CVE-2021-24112. [Requires TasteITConsulting.ListLabel28.dll >= 26.10.2022)
  • Obsoleted LlExportOption.ExportMailSmtpFrom as the option is not really provider specific. Use LlExportOption.ExportMailFrom instead.


  • Added LL_OPTION_COMPAT_ALLOW_NEGATIVE_DISTANCE_BEFORE (393) to allow a negative “Distance Before” value for table items in a report container. Before version 25, this was accidentally supported. The new option now serves as compatibility switch. Defaults to “False”.


  • PDF: Since given PDF.Conformance export option with values smaller than “pdf14” (index-value: 4) was automatically converted into “pdf14”, these lower PDF versions are now removed. But the index-values for PDF.Conformance are still the same – e.g. “pdf14” is still “4”.
  • The conversion to XPS could have caused an export with a wrong paper format or orientation if the source project had “force paper format” and the computer no matching page.
  • Switched the default for XLS.AutoFit to “0” as setting it to “1” causes a relevant performance degradation. If your priority is on the design of the result and speed is not an issue, feel free to set the option to “1” again.


  • If for a graph connection the combit.ListLabel28.MailExtensions_x86.dll cannot be located anywhere based on the ordinary dll lookup mechanism, additionally the path of the currently used cmmx28.dll/cxmx28.dll will probed.

Report Server

  • Improved interactive message in case of lost connection to the database server.
  • The “Customize export profile” button on the export page is now hidden if the selected export configuration has no properties that can be edited.
  • Improved the text for advanced encryption settings when configuring the system email address.
  • The selection dialog for data sources, report templates and subreports in a report template now hides the currently selected elements in the selection area. This applies also to the selection of the user group and the selection of the export report template.
  • The display of error messages on the export page has been improved to allow a re-export attempt.
  • Importing data now displays a loading indicator until the import has finished.
  • Improved vertical scrolling in the query assistant’s condition editor dialog
  • Updated System.Data.SqlClient package to 4.8.5 due to security vulnerability GHSA-8g2p-5pqh-5jmc.


  • Charts: When trying to calculate the positions of coordinate texts, an – assumed – Windows bug causes far-east texts do not write their glyphs to the path data, thus making calculation impossible. In this case, a rough calculation is used as workaround.
  • As SVGs must be converted to a bitmap, the resulting memory consumption might be problematic. There are now two options to control the size of the bitmap. LL_OPTION_SVG_TO_DIB_RESOLUTION controls the conversion of the drawing’s rectangle in the project to the bitmap pixel dimensions. Default is 150 (300 for 64bit). And LL_OPTION_SVG_TO_DIB_MAX_SIZE controls the maximum area (x*y) the bitmap may get (in pixel, memory consumption is about 4 times the value!). Default is 5000000 for 32 bit apps and 10000000 for 64 bit apps.
  • Added a number of security enhancements. These refer to possible threats that were disclosed responsibly.
  • Added a number of security enhancements to llview28.exe. These refer to possible threats that were disclosed responsibly.
  • Updated ZLIB to version 1.2.12.
  • Updated libjpeg to version 9e.
  • AbortBox/MessageBox do now align to the parent app’s rectangle and not the monitor of the cursor.
  • Debwin4: Removed minimum size restrictions for window.

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