Report Server Soon Included in Enterprise Edition

This is a major, bold new addition that will be available with List & Label 23. Currently the combit Report Server is available as a standalone out-of-the-box, self-service reporting solution. You can configure data sources, ad-hoc-design your reports, preview in your browser, export reports to a huge variety of formats or schedule email blasts. All of this in a responsive web application that works on any device. Starting with version 23, this server product will be included in the List & Label Enterprise Edition.

While you could actually develop a similar application as a part of your application on your own, using the controls we ship with List & Label (e.g. the HTML5 Viewer or the Web Designer), your time to market will be much shorter using the readily available server solution.

This will get you up and running in a few minutes. And best of all – you’ll even be allowed to redistribute the server to your customers free of charge if it’s working as a complementary part of your existing application that includes List & Label. If you want us to support your end users directly or the server doesn’t team up with your application that’s also no problem. They just need to buy their own Enterprise Edition, which will entitle them to full support and their own installation of the server.

This offering will replace the existing one, there will be just one edition of the Report Server (the one we’re adding to List & Label is the edition formerly known as “Ultimate”), and one simple and fair pricing scheme as outlined above. We’ll add APIs to LL23 that will allow your existing desktop (or web) applications to easily add data sources and reports to the server. Thus, if you require to support Android report viewing and your current application just runs on the Desktop, worry no more – just use Report Server and allow your users to upload their existing reports right from within your application and you’re done.

Before you ask, we won’t raise the price of the Enterprise Edition to make this happen – did I say it’s a fair deal ;)? I’ll blog about the new APIs as soon as we have finished things. Report Server 23 will be available in Q4 2017 with List & Label 23

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