Report Server 28: New Features and Enhancements

Faster reports, more flexible export, and the option to upload to secured FTP servers: The new Report Server 28 offers many new functions for its users. Some are customers’ wishes, like using project includes and subreports. This way, recurring elements such as letterheads, tables or charts can easily be reused in new report templates.

Reusable Project Includes and Subreports

Previous versions already allowed users to reuse common elements in different report templates, by the help of report elements. The Report Server 28 now offers more convenient options: The new version supports the addition of project includes and subreports in report templates. Developers who are alredy familiar with List & Label have known this option for some time.

In order to use elements in the designer as project modules or sub-reports, you’d first have to switch to the properties of the corresponding report template. Then add report templates of the same type as a project include or subreport, using familiar selection functions. In addition, all data sources, report elements and uploaded images are added to the linked report template when printing and also in the designer. This function satisfies one of the most frequent customer requests.

Sub-Reports and Report Includes UI
add caption window

Deactivate Scheduled Reports

As a response to another frequently requested wish it’s now possible to deactivate selected scheduled reports. 

deactivate scheduled reports radio button

New Options for Export Formats 

A variety of new settings are available now for numerous export formats and export templates.

Word Export

The Word export is equipped with new input fields for additional document properties.

export options

Excel Export

Protect your spreadsheets with a password, if desired.

protect spreadsheets with password

Excel Formulas in Spreadsheets

Also new is the option to automatically generate Excel formulas. If this option is turned on, text beginning with ‘=’ is interpreted as formula and transferred to the Excel file.

PDF Export

There are two new options for the encrypted PDF export to control the editing process: now you can choose whether commenting and filling out form and signature fields is allowed, or not.

pdf export options

More New Features

New Variables

The Report Server Designer provides some new variables:




SSL/TLS Support

The FTP upload action connects to FTP servers secured with SSL/TLS. In addition, there’s a new option “Check SSL certificates (recommended)” which controls whether the certificate used by the server should be checked by the operating system (certificate from a trusted root certification authority – certlm.msc), or whether even untrusted certificates are accepted by the system.

Microsoft SharePoint

The SharePoint action for scheduled reports is back! It has been deactivated previously in List & Label 26, as a result of switching to .Net Core. This means that SharePoint Online can now be used again as a storage target for generated reports.

More Report Server Designer Features

  • Automatic page break in the Designer preview at the end of the document
  • The object list window now supports multiple selection of report container elements
  • New barcode type: EPC (European Payments Council) QR code
  • New Designer function: UTF8Encode$()
  • Significantly faster filling of child report parameters
  • The object list window provides filters to quickly find specific objects
  • All of those windows allow a simple filter reset via button click in the filter input field
  • Adding page breaks anywhere using a new designer function PageBreak$()

We Extended the Supported Database Systems for Installation

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2022
  • PostgreSQL 15

We hope there’s something for everybody in this bouquet of new features. Also, I’d like to emphasize again how much we appreciate your input, your feedback and your wishes. Keep it coming!

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