New Apps for the combit Report Server

This post belongs to a series of blog posts that are dedicated to the innovations of combit Report Server 24. At this point I would like to recommend the two posts "What's New in Report Server 24, Part 1" and "What's New in Report Server 24, Part 2".

Today we are talking about the new native iOS and Android apps for the combit Report Server, which allow you to access the reports on your Report Server directly from your smartphone or tablet. Previously, this was also possible directly via the Report Server web interface, but the new apps offer additional options and a device adapted and fast operation, as you would expect from a native app.

The two free apps are based on the Xamarin Framework and the combit.ReportServer.ClientApi provided by List & Label. To access your server, which is done via the REST API, you need an user with “API Account With Token” authentication, which the server administrator can set up for you. If you want to access the web interface from the app, you need an additional user with “Integrated Authentication”.

Once installed, you can easily access all created report templates and output them in the desired format.



Creating Reports

The apps also allow you to create simple report templates using the Ad-hoc Designer directly in the browser. For more complex report templates the windows-based combit Report Server Designer is available.

Sharing Reports

When a report is retrieved from the server, it can be redistributed or viewed across the native capabilities of the operating system.

App Interface

The interface of the app lets you customize the colors and is available in German and English.

Where to get the Apps?

If you are interested in trying out the new apps, you can find them in the respective stores:

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