Innovations for Planned Reports and more | New in Report Server 24 – Part 2

This is the second blog post covering the new features of combit Report Server version 24. I already introduced some new features in the Ad-hoc Designer.

An important innovation concerns the “Scheduled Reports”: You are already familiar with the actions for the further distribution of reports, e.g. email dispatch and FTP upload. This list has now been extended by 3 further possibilities.

The file hosting services (cloud storage) “Google Drive”, “Microsoft OneDrive” and “Dropbox” offer free possibilities to archive reports or to store them temporarily for further processing or distribution.

Another feature concerns the use of REST data sources. There has now been an improvement that enhances the handling of complex and large data sources: an adjustable maximum waiting time for a REST data service (timeout). Previously, this was fixed at 10 seconds.
There was also an improvement in the selection of a planned report. Here you now have the convenient filter option, as in other places in the Report Server.

Of course, that’s still not all Report Server 24 has to offer. You will also find many new features of the List & Label Designer in the Report Server Designer.

The newly developed app for Android and iOS is presented in a separate blog post

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