Neues Servicepack 28.004 für List & Label und den Report Server

Das neueste Servicepack 28.004 für List & Label und den Report Server bringt einen neuen Diagrammtyp im Web Report Designer und Unterstützung für Windows 11 23H2. Erlebe verbesserte Benutzeroberflächen sowie signifikante Performance-Verbesserungen, insbesondere bei horizontalen Messinstrumenten. Eine detaillierte Auflistung aller Änderungen findest du im ServicePack.pdf in deiner Installation sowie im Downloadbereich des Servicepacks.



  • Web Report Designer: Implemented area charts.
  • Web Report Designer: Charts can now be created as a sub-element of a table.
  • Web Report Designer: Clicking „finish“ in a dialog with a field/variable selection (such as the dialog for creating a table) while fields/variables are highlighted will now lead to the user being asked if they wish to add them before finishing.


  • FireDAC: Provided new event OnNotifyViewerBtnClicked (LL_NTFY_VIEWERBTNCLICKED) that a button has been pressed in the preview window. Also renamed existing event ‚OnAutoNotifyProgress‘ to ‚OnNotifyProgress‘.


  • Configuration: Tooltips adjusted to window background color (white/black).

Report Server

  • Added support for Windows 11 23H2.

Ad-hoc Designer

  • Added dispose callback option for Adhoc Designer.


  • Added support for Windows 11 23H2.


Report Designer

  • To speed up the formula editor when dealing with very large formulas, the intellisense bracket nesting evaluation has been optimized and additionally is now limited to a default maximum level of 200 with an associated parsing duration of max. 200ms. Those default values may be adjusted by setting LL_OPTION_INTELLISENSE_MAXNESTINGDEPTH and LL_OPTION_INTELLISENSE_INNERTIMEOUT to different values.
  • The tree in the object list for linking dialog (!) is now drawn with anti-aliased symbols.
  • Selected objects can now be moved by clicking onto the frame and moving the cursor, even if they are not the selected one.


  • Horizontal Gauges: significant performance increases.


  • Marked LlOption.Wizard_FileNew as obsolete – this option does not do anything and will be removed in future versions. The user can choose to show or hide the wizard in the Designer’s options dialog. To force no project wizard, you can simply not redistribute the cmll??pw.llx.

Report Server

  • Cassandra, Firebird, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, OLEDB, Salesforce, SchemaAwareJson and SqlConnection DataProvicers are now supported as serialized DataSource (Creation through API / IntegrationTools.CreateDataSourceFromDataProvider).
  • Updated gRPC modules to mitigate CVE-2023-32731 and CVE-2023-1428.


  • For charts with „on-object coordinates“ properties in the axis, the formula in these properties can now handle variables and fields in the formula.
  • HTML object: Improved the positioning of list elements – especially with negative left-margin coordinates. Also, the quality of list-elements from type „circle“, „square“ and „rectangle“ are improved and now based on the current select font instead of geometrical figures.
  • Internetmarke: Update/Compatibility to the price list of Deutsche Post since 01.07.2023.



  • Signing export results with the external signature provider for OpenLimit CC Sign from OpenLimit SignCubes is no longer supported.


  • Internetmarke: Update/Compatibility to the price list of Deutsche Post since 01.07.2023.

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