Neues Servicepack 28.003 für List & Label und den Report Server

Das neue Servicepack 28.003 für List & Label erweitert dein Reporting durch Unterstützung für Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.3 und neue Diagrammtypen im Web Report Designer. Außerdem sind nun für alle .NET-Assemblies die entsprechenden Enterprise-NuGet-Packages verfügbar für eine reibungslose Einbindung in deine Projekte. Die einzelnen Einträge in der Zusammenfassung wurden wie gewohnt aus dem englischen Readme übernommen. Eine detaillierte Auflistung aller Änderungen findest du im ServicePack.pdf in deiner Installation sowie im Download-Bereich des Servicepacks.



  • Visual Studio Reporting Wizard: Added support for C# ASP.NET web application with Visual Studio 2022. The Reporting Wizard can now add the Web Report Designer and/or Web Report Viewer to the current project with the necessary Controllers and their dependencies.
  • Visual Studio Reporting Wizard: The List & Label .NET assembly dependencies are now using the List & Label NuGet packages instead of local assembly references. In addition to the previous .NET 4.x support, .NET 6 and .NET 7 are now also supported by the Reporting Wizard.


  • Web Report Designer: Support for signal ranges in charts on X- and Z-axes.
  • Web Report Designer: Added tooltips for color blocks in configuration modal for user defined scheme.
  • Web Report Designer: Added the option to display indicators for the current mouse position on the ruler.
  • Web Report Designer: Implemented 3D bar charts.
  • Web Report Designer: Implemented line charts.
  • Web Report Designer: Implemented user defined color scheme configuration dialog.
  • Web Report Designer / Web Report Viewer: Implemented export options.


  • VCL: Support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.3 (BDE & FireDAC).
  • FireDAC: Added List & Label native Core APIs for accessing project parameters – LlPrintSetProjectParameter, LlPrintGetProjectParameter, LlGetDefaultProjectParameter, LlGetProjectParameter, LlSetDefaultProjectParameter.


  • Event LL_NTFY_VIEWERBTNCLICKED/ViewerButtonClicked now also triggered for buttons „Page Width“ and „100%“ in preview.
  • Added LL_OPTION_TRIM_ALSO_EXTENDEDSPACECHARS (398). When set to true, the Atrim$, LTrim$ and RTrim$ functions will also trim non-breakable spaces as well as thin spaces and thin non breakable spaces.


  • The TextWidth() function now uses the „currently active“ environment as reference, so there’s no need to pass the font string any more. As for now, this only works in cells (not RTF of course) and in text objects.
  • LlRemoveIdentifier() now supports matching by wildcard (‚*‘ and ‚?‘ supported) and removes all matching ones.



  • Now all available NuGet packages have a special Enterprise package and ID to ensure that the packages are all coming from one package source in case more than one source is defined, e.g. and combit’s own NuGet server. Please note that existing Enterprise packages have to be switched to the new packages once in every project.
  • Calling the Reporting Wizard in C# web applications or .NET 6/7 applications is now supported.
  • Updated MongoDB driver to 2.19.1. This mitigates CVE-2022-48282, a security issue with high severity.


  • Implemented global search functionality for repository items.
  • Web Report Designer: Added a download button for non-project repository items.
  • Web Report Designer: Implemented the ability to show and edit sub-item chart objects in the table edit mode of a report container.
  • Web Report Designer: Chart colors can now be set to a scheme.
  • Web Report Designer: Implemented a dialogue that allows the user to set default ranges inside a data graphic when switching to „user-defined ranges“.
  • Java/JNI: In some circumstances terminating the process of a Java application could crash the used Java runtime, because of issues in memory management unloading the extension module c[m/x]ll28oc.llx. Now extension modules of List & Label become pre-loaded, if they exist to prevent this behavior while unloading the process.
  • Web Report Designer: Implemented the ability to pin projects and folders to the top of a folder structure.


  • Table editor: Changing the selection of a column did refresh the property list with a flicker.
  • The initial fixed height when creating a new data graphic in a table cell now is set to a reasonable fixed default value.
  • Implemented an additional caching mechanism for available sort orders to prevent slow GUI response of the table dialog when switching in between different table header items.
  • Multiselection in TreeView with expandable nodes improved.
  • Change default of LL_OPTIONSTR_INTELLISENSE_CONSTANTSFILTER to +* to always let constants pass by default. Additionally support removal by setting e.g. -LL.Color.*;+* even if they already had been added to the vartree.
  • The heading for tooltips that explain the most important features of the designer sometimes (depending on the machine/OS) rendered too small.


  • When a complex PDF document was imported in a project and played into a preview file, it could happen that some paths were a bit misplaced. Option LL_OPTION_DISABLE_GDIPLUS_PATHS_IN_EMFDRAWINGS already catches this in drawings, but now this is also effective in PDF documents.
  • Printerless mode: the „matching“ of GDIs fonts to the (low-density) device of the printerless mode device caused bad line heights, differing from the standard mode.
  • Added LL_OPTION_HIDE_EXTENDED_PRINTMODES (399) which enables to hide the multipage/poster/scaled printing checkbox in the print options dialog.


  • PDF: Option value „0“ for export option „PDF.ZUGFeRDVersion“ tries to read the matching ZUGFeRD version and its ConformanceLevel within the ZUGFeRD/XRechnung XML file (given by export option „PDF.ZUGFeRDXmlPath“) also if searched XML elements „ID“ and „GUIdelineSpecifiedDocumentContextParameter“ does not prefixed with „ram:“.

Report Server

  • Updated MongoDB driver to 2.19.0. This mitigates CVE-2022-48282, a security issue with high severity.
  • Multiselection in TreeView with expandable nodes improved.


  • Implemented sticky headers to the folder structure/repository view.

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      für das Report Server-Servicepack können wir leider kein MSI-Setup anbieten. Wir prüfen aber, ob wir nicht das bereits zur Verfügung stehende Vollsetup in der MSI-Version so anpassen können, dass statt einer Neuinstallation eine Updateinstallation durchgeführt werden kann.

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