Neues Service Pack 25.003 für List & Label und den Report Server

Mit dem neuen Service Pack 25.003 erhalten List & Label Anwender Unterstützung für das neue RAD Studio 10.4 und Windows 10 2004. Was gibt es sonst noch Neues? Wir haben für Sie alle neuen Features und Verbesserungen im Überblick. Die einzelnen Einträge wurden dabei direkt aus dem englischen Readme übernommen.

Neue Features


  • VCL: Support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4 (BDE & FireDAC).


  • Supporting Windows 10 Version 2004.
  • Setting „HKCU\software\combit\cmbtls\<appnamenoext>“ „ShowUnprintableArea“ [String] „T“ shows the unprintable area again.



  • For .NET 4.0, encrypted password references in memory as a response to a static security analysis report. As a consequence, RestDataProvider is now IDisposable and the NetworkFileProvider has a different data type for its password property.


  • Changed the default for native image support for printers to false as a number of drivers seem to have problems with the mere query if images are supported. Now, the registry keys „Optimization.UseNativeImageSupport.JPEG“ and/or „Optimization.UseNativeImageSupport.PNG“ are opt-in: „HKCU/software/combit/appnamenoext“ [String] „T“.
  • Workaround: if a printer returns no paper format by PrintDlg() API, the paper size is kept in the DEVMODE structure in order not to confuse one very special buggy driver that cannot deal with the own printer format in DocumentProperties(), returning nonsensical values in the page size.
  • If LL_CLIP_FIELDS was not set to 0 or LL_CLIP_FIELDS_FIT_COMPAT, the separator lines were clipped to a correct rectangle. Unfortunately, EMF scaling to smaller sizes did clip the right lines away on smaller zoom factors. The workaround is that there’s not clipping if the rect fits perfectly is the best approach, as we cannot do anything against that effect. (LL_OPTION_IMPROVED_FRAMEDRAWING=1) does allow to paint it anyway, as it seems to have smaller scaling effects painting the lines using GDI+.


  • SQL-based Dataproviders like SqlConnectionDataProvider, DbCommandSetDataProvider etc. are now supporting the designer function IsNullOrEmpty() natively on the database system.


  • IMAP: if there were a lot of mails in the IMAP folder, enumeration of the mails could require a buffer larger than 16KB, which was an internal limit (that prohibited IMAP access on that account) which we now removed.

Web Designer

  • The Web Designer can now handle columns that contain an Image type properly and serializes/deserializes the images as Base64 encoded strings.

HTML5 Viewer

  • No display of page shadows when printing a report.


  • Variables/Fields passed via LL_DATE_LOCALIZED now use the LCID passed via LL_OPTION_LCID for date parsing and – just as a fallback – the LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT that was used before.



  • Internetmarke: Removed contract products like „Warensendung individuell“ etc. from Internetmarke – they are currently not supported.

Jetzt das neue Service Pack 25.003 herunterladen.

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