Neues Service Pack 26.002 für List & Label und den Report Server

Das zweite Service Pack für List & Label 26 ist erschienen und hält viele neue Features und Verbesserungen für Sie bereit. Hier finden Sie einen Überblick. Die einzelnen Einträge wurden direkt aus dem englischen Readme übernommen.

Service Pack 26.002

Neue Features


  • Added support for an embedded PDF file via DOM.


  • VCL FireDac Added PrintOptions Methods.
  • VCL BDE Added possibility to change DevMode structure before printing > OnChangeDCProperties.


  • Official support for Windows 10 Version 21H1.
  • Crosstab: Adding a new subcell, the formatting formula tries to find out the result type, if it is integer, it will reflect this by having no decimals.


  • Debwin4: Added an option for long-term monitoring.
  • Debwin4: A new suboption under „SaveLog“ allows to select the columns before saving the log.
  • Debwin4: Added persistence to the docking window states.
  • New Feedback.exe will enable the user to provide feedback during setup cancellation and deinstallation. In the future it will also enable to provided feedback about the ongoing trial phase.



  • PDF: Better support of gradients within a PDF object.


  • OpenEdgeDataprovider Support for WebDesigner, ReportParameters are now passed through and can be used as OE serviceparameters.
  • Improved the SQLiteConnectionDataProvider’s parsing of relations. The old implementation was too specific on the syntax of the primary and foreign keys. Now we tolerate if e.g. table and field names are not enclosed in square brackets.


  • If an old BMP bitmap was used (BITMAPHEADER size 40) with 32 bits and non-constant alpha (at least one pixel with an alpha value), the alpha – unknown to the old BMP) is unexpected for a lot of Windows APIs and GDI+ etc, so the alpha value is set to 255 before painting/extracting from the EMF.


  • PDF: If deprecated option PDF.PDFAMode was used with values „1“ or „2“ (means PDF/A-1a or PDF/A-1b, which does not support any kind of file attachment) but ZUGFeRD is going to be used, the PDF export could fail, because of the missing support of file attachments of selected option PDFAMode. Now the deprecated option is overwritten if ZUGFeRD is used/defined.
  • XHTML Export: New Option ‚XHTML.StretchImageToFullSize‘ to stretch a picture to the actual ‚div‘ Size in HTML. Default is false.
  • Preview: If an error/exception occurred when saving the current preview into an export format from the preview (save as…), then this error was only logged to Debwin. Now the user will get a message.
  • PDF: If a form control’s name property contains a period character („.“), it will now automatically be translated to colon („:“) – e.g. „Form.Name“ will translated into „Form:Name“. This might be important if the resulting PDF document is post processed afterwards. Reason: The Adobe PDF standard does not allow a period separator in a field name, because the period is reserved as a separator for hierarchical name structures, so a partial name shall not contain the period character.

Report Server

  • Database structure for the relations dialog in datasources are now cached and will only be updated, if fields are changed, that will affect the structure.
  • Firebird database provider will now utilize the advance filter support to support database-level filtering through filters.
  • Parameter syntax assistant now has a button group for navigating between general and source tab.
  • Message after successfully installing a service pack database update will now be shown correctly.
  • Added delete button for parameters in the datasource parameter syntax assistant.
  • Editing a report template without any datasources will now automatically show the datasource selection.
  • Unauthenticated access to the preview or Ad-hoc Designer of an report template will now redirect to the login page instead of showing an unauthenticated error.
  • The Report Server now accepts „X-Forwarded“ headers set by load balancers or proxies, which may would otherwise result in an error when using the Report Server Designer.


  • Java/JNI: Applied still missing function LlDbAddTableEx.


  • New viewer option for specifying date format culture.


  • Debwin4: Improved click behavior of search combo box. Text is no longer selected on second click, red background from a failed search is removed on click.


  • Outlook 2019/64 bit does not register MAPI for 32-bit applications correctly. Now the key under (HKCU/HKLM)\software\Clients\Mail is scanned for Outlook, too.


  • Improved „const“ detection of expressions (and braces „()“ were erroneously considered being non-const), – improved debug output for native expression translation.

Hier können Sie das Service Pack 26.002 herunterladen.

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