Thumbnail View for the HTML5 Viewer

HTML5 is one of our reference formats for web reporting applications. We also use it as the premier format in our combit Report Server. In LL20, we had first introduced this viewer. In LL21, it will get a brand new thumbnail bar, making navigation even easier.

Technologies and requirements have changed. So has our Web Report Viewer. All about the new Web Report Viewer with WebComponents usable in popular JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue.

We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback our HTML5 viewer received. Also, we got a lot of feature requests as you guys began to pick up the new feature for your applications. The most prominent of these requests was a better navigation through multi page reports. The result is the brand new thumbnail view for the HTML5 viewer, that makes navigating through your reports a piece of cake:

New feature of version 21
Display of thumbnails can be toggled of course. The thumbnail is a down-sized, true HTML representation of the displayed page. As the thumbnails use the same files as the main viewer, traffic and rendering overhead is minimized.

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