Neues Servicepack 29.001 für List & Label und den Report Server

Das neue Servicepack 29.001 bringt einige neue Features und zahlreiche Verbesserungen. Die Benutzeroberfläche des .NET-Beispiel-Centers wurde komplett überarbeitet, um zusätzliche Informationen und Links zu den Beispielen bereitzustellen. Neu sind auch spezielle „Signed“-NuGet-Pakete, die signierte List & Label-Assemblies enthalten. Der OdbcDataProvider unterstützt nun ein benutzerdefiniertes ParameterMarkerFormat, um das vom Treiber bereitgestellte Format zu überschreiben oder zu korrigieren.

Die einzelnen Einträge in der Zusammenfassung wurden wie gewohnt aus dem englischen Readme übernommen. Eine detaillierte Auflistung aller Änderungen findest du im ServicePack.pdf in deiner Installation sowie im Downloadbereich des Servicepacks.



  • The OdbcDataProvider now supports a custom ParameterMarkerFormat. Use it to override or correct the format available from the driver’s DatabaseInformationSchema.
  • The syntax for data source parameters now supports passing „allowblank“ in order to allow the resulting report parameter’s value to be empty.
  • Special „Signed“ NuGet packages with the signed List & Label assemblies are now available.


  • XHTML-Export: Images in Crosstab Headers are now supported. #nt

Report Server

  • Parameter Syntax Assistant now supports enabling the „allowblank“ option to allow the parameter value to be empty.


  • Setting LL_OPTION_PERCENTAGEFORMAT_INCLUDES_NBSPACE (408) to „1“ adds a non-breaking space between the value and percentage sign for the percentage formatter. Can be used to ensure compliance to DIN 5008 in this case.


Report Designer

  • Changing content of a text paragraph in the text object may have resulted in a mismatch in between conditional formatter and the actual content. Now the formatter is preserved for each content type.
  • The table of operators in the function wizard was not correctly aligned, and the explanation texts possibly hidden.
  • For performance reasons, the text object now does not utilize precise text width calculation for any text length greater than 32768 characters in layout preview anymore.
  • The tree in the object list for linking dialog (!) is now drawn with antialiased symbols.
  • To speed up the formula editor when dealing with very large formulas, the intellisense bracket nesting evaluation has been optimized and additionally is now limited to a default maximum level of 200 with an associated parsing duration of max. 200ms. Those default values may be adjusted by setting LL_OPTION_INTELLISENSE_MAXNESTINGDEPTH and LL_OPTION_INTELLISENSE_INNERTIMEOUT to different values.


  • Web Designer: The app now supports high DPI awareness.
  • Table field selection (in table creation wizard) now has the „fields“ node expanded by default.
  • Web Report Designer: Object selection in the left menu bar can now be cancelled by pressing the escape key.
  • Web Report Designer/Viewer: Improved looks of dropdowns in export options.


  • The .NET assemblies‘ versions now contain the build number and/or the vcs revision, e.g. AssemblyFileVersion „29.1.340“ and AssemblyInformationalVersion „29.1.340.c099633a14e6ec7acade7719668325b9a8de63ac“. The AssemblyVersion remains unchanged, e.g. AssemblyVersion „“.
  • The ListLabel constructor now throws a helpful exception if running on an Azure App Service without Docker containerization. This scenario is not supported by Microsoft and results in strange errors later on anyway. So, we now catch it as early as possible.
  • The user interface of the .NET Sample Center has been overhauled and additional information and links to important topics of individual examples have been added.


  • Print/Export Dialog: if the exporter has „infinite report container“ set, the „page range“ options are now suppressed.


  • Token Generator: The app now supports high DPI awareness.

Report Server

  • Web Designer: Table field selection (in table creation wizard) now has the „fields“ node expanded by default.
  • Web Designer: Object selection in the left menu bar can now be cancelled by pressing the escape key.



  • WRD/WRV: Updated Axios to 1.6.5.

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